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Folia Antimicrobial Preservative Silverized Nonwoven

Value Proposition: Benefits for Face Mask Manufacturers

  • Silverized nonwoven outer coverstock: antimicrobial preservative
  • Premium face mask product line extension
  • Increases revenue and improves profit margin vs. commodity blue 3-ply masks

Runs on Standard 3-ply Mask Manufacturing Equipment

  • Simple: no new or additional equipment required
  • Substitute Folia's antimicrobial preservative nonwoven outer coverstock for blue PP spunbond
  • Folia silverized nonwoven  is developed and Made in the USA
  • Standard size: 175mm wide and 1800m long roll
    Custom size rolls available
  • Sample roll, TDS, and SDS available on request 

3-ply face masks made with Folia's silverized nonwoven outer coverstock are sold as non-filtering masks under the non-surgical FDA Emergency Use Authorization. To meet our own high standards, we tested silverized 3-ply masks to a variety of United States ASTM standards. Results are available upon request.

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Our silver antimicrobial preservative is a low dose that limits microbial growth in order to keep the mask clean. It is not intended to offer antimicrobial or protection to the wearer, nor is it intended to reduce or prevent infection. Regulatory disclaimer details can be found here.

Folia Silver Mask

Cost-effective Way to add a Premium Product to Your Portfolio



Folia silverized nonwoven outer coverstock delivers outstanding antimicrobial preservative performance, keeping your face mask clean



Customers can easily switch to Folia silverized nonwoven outer coverstock to make finished products with their existing converting equipment, such as 3-ply face mask production lines


No Capex Required

Folia’s silver coated nonwoven outer coverstock can be made into face masks using standard face mask manufacturing equipment

Broad Commercial Applications Icon

Broad Commercial Applications

Folia silverized paper has been made into an affordable antimicrobial water filter and commercialized in the Bangladesh market to deliver affordable quality drinking water to millions of families, meeting WHO criteria for anti-microbial effectiveness


Patented IP

Our silver coating process is unique and patent protected

Rol Paper

Silverized paper

Coating Machine

Standard manufacturing equipment


Mask Manufacturing Process

Sustainable Materials:
Silver & Wood-based Nonwoven

toll coaters

Silver coated Nonwoven
Outer Coverstock rolls

3-ply face masks using standard machinery

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