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Folia Silver Mask

Smart Material Technology for Better Living

  • Silver antimicrobial preservative technology for a cleaner mask
  • Advanced material technology that everyone can afford
  • Silverized outer layer made with 99.9% pure silver
  • Developed by a team of materials science PhDs
  • Patented technology, invented and manufactured in the USA
  • Premium mask priced for high volume sales
Mask Image
3-ply face masks made with Folia's silver outer coverstock are sold as non-filtering masks under the non-surgical FDA Emergency Use Authorization. To meet our own high standards, we tested silverized 3-ply masks to a variety of United States ASTM standards. Results are available upon request.

Our silver antimicrobial preservative is a low dose that limits antimicrobial growth in order to keep the mask clean. It is not intended to offer antimicrobial or antiviral protection to the wearer, nor is it intended to reduce or prevent infection. Regulatory disclaimer details can be found here.

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