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UK MHRA Registered
Masks made with Folia's antiviral material are registered for sale in the UK
  • Seeking UK manufacturing and distribution partners
  • Note: registered is the legal term used by the United Kingdom's Medical Healthcare products Regulatory Agency

Folia Antiviral Silver Mask

The World's Lowest Cost Antiviral Face Mask

Unique Selling Points

  • Antiviral silver coating kills 99.97% SARS-CoV-2 within 1 hour
  • Medical grade, 3rd party tested: ASTM F2101-19, 99.7% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency, 99.7% Particle Filtration Efficiency, 99.5% Viral Filtration Efficiency
  • Advanced material technology that everyone can afford
  • Developed by a team of materials science PhDs
  • Patented technology, invented and manufactured in the USA
  • Premium mask priced for high volume sales

Product Information

  • Extra protection against COVID-19 for medical, industrial, professional, immune compromised, elderly, and high-risk families
  • Bulk sales: cases in pallet or cargo container volumes
  • Private label masks available with your branding
  • SKUs: 5 and 25 packs, custom available
  • Adult and kids sizes available
  • Made in USA by GMP surgical 3-ply mask manufacturers
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3rd Party Test Results

3rd Party Lab Test Reports
Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (ASTM F2101/EN14863)
99.7% reduction
Particle Filtration Efficiency (ASTM F2299)
Viral Filtration Efficiency
SARS-CoV-2 (ISO 18184)
99.97% within one hour
Synthetic Blood Penetration (ASTM F1862/ISO 22609)
Differential Pressure (EN 14483)
< 6.0 H2O/cm3
Flammability (16 CFR Part 1610)
≥ 3.5 seconds
Antimicrobial Preservative (AATCC-100)
>99.9999%, no microbes detected
Safety (NST 47, NIOSH PELs)
Meets all NIOSH silver particulate emission level limits

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